Coming Out


Dear Readers,

Coming out—two words that mean nothing, but in the life of a closeted individual whether gay, bi, lesbian, queer, or transgender, mean so much more. I often thought about “coming out” before I actually did, but never with much success. It was not until I started dating my boyfriend that the fear of making our relationship known began to weigh me down. I loved him. I wanted to share this wonderful news with everyone. Unfortunately, I could not tell anyone except for a handful of close friends that knew about my struggle to identify myself as a “gay” man.

As our relationship grew, I lost my footing; and the once solid ground that I built my life on began to collapse.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


PS. THIS IS JUST AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK: “The Open Closet: Letters From A Gay Man” (Available on AMAZON & KINDLE)

If you enjoyed reading this letter and would like to read more, please consider purchasing a copy and help spread awareness of issues  plaguing the LGBT community.




3 thoughts on “Coming Out

    1. Thanks Rich! Chicago winters are pretty rough—I think I can handle the cold, since I grew up in Michigan, but, its just the wind I’m worried about 🙂 If you are ever in town, stop by and say hello! Thanks for reading and sharing!

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