Words To Define Me

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Dear Readers,

Consider for a moment the numerous titles that define a man. You can probably think of at least a dozen, if not more. When we categorize who we are, the more defined we become. There are many numerous names used to distinguish men from gay men. The first and most obvious name is “gay:” a word that men use to define other men that are unlike themselves. Among many other derogatory words, “gay” defines the actions of a man, but, not who he is. A gay man can be further defined as possessing feminine or masculine qualities, but it does not change who he is. Every man is a man despite his titles, regardless of his sexuality, and apart from his femininity or masculinity. Each individual is and was created in the image of his creator, and is therefore the barrier of his traits, but, can only be defined by the words he chooses for himself.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


PS. THIS IS JUST AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK: “The Open Closet: Letters From A Gay Man” (Available on AMAZON & KINDLE)

If you enjoyed reading this letter and would like to read more, please consider purchasing a copy and help spread awareness of issues  plaguing the LGBT community.




8 thoughts on “Words To Define Me

    1. I wish I could take credit for writing this beautiful song, but, at least I can share it with others, and hopefully it will have the same powerful influence on them as it did on me. I appreciate your continued reading and sharing. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Confessions—I accept the nomination, and appreciate your thoughtfulness! I posted my Liebster Award last night, and hope you will have more traffic moving to your wonderful blog! Best wishes…

    1. You are entirely welcome stevevannoy! Music is said to be the gateway to a person’s soul—and if that is true, then I hope this song touches each listener, spreading like wildfire across the world, breaking down prejudices and bringing equality and peace to all humanity! It sounds like a tall order, but, with a little help from (you) and every reader of this blog, one day it is sure to happen! Thank you for reading and sharing! Best wishes!

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