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Dear Readers,

Before “coming out” as a gay man I questioned how my life would change, how people would react, and what would happen—and after, I began my journey I found my answers. It took me a long time to realize it, but, I am no longer in search of a “Brain”—I have always known who I was, despite what others may try and tell me. I am no longer in search of “Courage”I have declared who I am, and am not afraid anymore. I am no longer in search of a “Heart”—I have learned to love myself and have found the love of someone else who accepts me for who I am. Although I was never a professional baseball player, I have ran my three bases—and am completing my journey of “coming out.” I do not need a certificate of achievement, a badge of courage, or even a token of esteem from anyone, because I am no longer hiding. I am true to myself. I am no longer in search of a “home”—I have made one for myself, and will keep filling it with love until I have nothing left to give.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


PS. THIS IS JUST AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK: “The Open Closet: Letters From A Gay Man” (Available on AMAZON & KINDLE)

If you enjoyed reading this letter and would like to read more, please consider purchasing a copy and help spread awareness of issues  plaguing the LGBT community.




5 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thank you Mark! I am definitely not the “sports” type guy either, but, have always loved watching and playing baseball! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment! Best wishes my friend!

    1. That would have been a good choice to write about as well—I love that musical, and have actually performed in two different productions of it playing Joe Hardy (the hero) in 2005, and Mr. Applegate (the villain) in 2007. Thank you for reading and sharing! Best wishes my friend!

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