Best Friends Forever

1.2.16 011

Dear Readers,

For those of you who do not know me personally, my friends mean the world to me, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. Now you may be thinking, “Really? There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your friends?” and I can honestly say, “No, there isn’t.” I would lay down and die for my friends, if I could keep them from harm. Now, I am not talking about all of my “Facebook friends” because that would be practically everyone I have ever met, but I mean my very close, “best friends.” There are people out there who brag about having thousands of “friends”, but I am not one of them. I consider myself lucky that I can count my “best friends” on both hands.

Sincerely, The Open Closet

PS. THIS IS JUST AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK: “The Open Closet: Letters From A Gay Man” (Available on AMAZON & KINDLE)

If you enjoyed reading this letter and would like to read more, please consider purchasing a copy and help spread awareness of issues  plaguing the LGBT community.



13 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever

    1. There is something comforting about having friends that mean so much to you, and that you know you can always depend on for anything that life throws at you! I wish you the best!

  1. I have a lot of friends, I guess, but a few I consider “best friends” and would do anything for. One lives in another country so thank God for Skype. One long time friend had a very hard time when I told him and avoided me for months. Some of my other friends were far more upset about it than I was. He finally got over it and rejoined us at the coffee shop, or was it the sports bar?

    1. Yes, it was a coffee shop called…”Central Perk” 🙂 I am sorry to hear that some of your close friends had trouble accepting you, but, I am glad they finally rejoined the party! Sometimes it just takes people a little longer to get used to the idea, although it never really changed you (just the idea of YOU that they had envisioned). Hope you are enjoying the snow! Best wishes my friend.

  2. I must say, I love this television show! I have every season on DVD and I watch it almost every night on my TV as I fall asleep. I love every one of these characters. I wish more of my friends reminded me of them, and if you have friends like this, I am thrilled for you! Cause I can tell you deserve the best of friends!

    1. Thank you Adam! It was a toss up between writing about “Will & Grace” or “Friends” the two shows I just adore..and like you, fall asleep watching every night…in addition to “Gilmore Girls”, or “Brothers & Sisters”—but, I felt the people in my life that I consider my “best” friends really fit those characters! One friend actually messaged me on Facebook saying…”Am I Ross or Chandler?” my reply “You are MY Chandler”…our other friend is Ross, and these two guys are inseparable, its no wonder they were confused about who each other was most like!!!

      1. I love, love, love Gilmore Girls! I think it is one of the funniest, wittiest, and well written shows ever! I wish Lorelai Gilmore was a real person! I love everything about her and I want to be her friend so bad. I would never stop hanging out with her! I really miss that show.

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