Someone Like You


Dear Readers,

For a long time before I met my boyfriend, I too had a secret crush on a straight man. I never acted on my emotions or attempted to persuade him to like me in the same way that I felt about him. But he must have suspected, right? After all he kissed me! Granted we had been friends for a year already, and were both at a party, he was drunk, and we were dared to kiss in a friendly game of spin the bottle. But that was just the first time. His initial peck on the lips kiss did not get the reaction from the crowd that either of us were hoping for, and like in theatre, sometimes it’s best to just go for it. So, I kissed him back. A more drawn out kiss on the lips. Our score was settled.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


PS. THIS IS JUST AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK: “The Open Closet: Letters From A Gay Man” (Available on AMAZON & KINDLE)

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22 thoughts on “Someone Like You

  1. Amen. Haha. But the straight guy I liked was way back when I was in high school. And I really didn’t really have the guts to do anything back then.

    1. If I would have had the courage back in high school to “come out” things may have turned out differently for me too…I may have started dating guys sooner, and by now my family would have come to accept me as being gay, however sometimes things work out for the best. Thanks for reading! I am glad you enjoyed!

  2. Gosh … who hasn’t been there! I mean, really. This truly resonates. I have SUCH a crush on a boy in my High School (whom I had known since nursery school), but he was so much … well, a boy boy … and I was not (I’ve still got that Passif thing that I love … the term bottom seems wrong to me, but it works too) a typical boy (I made a wedding dress for my sister’s Barbie!). Fortunately, I looked enough like a real boy to sneak by. ANYWAY, long story short, I never said a thing … even though our hands were always touching, and all sorts of other unexpected little intimacies. At a reunion … yup. There he was with his boyfriend, who was kind of a like a clone of me … even in the bedroom preferences! Aaargh. So … yes … again you get me in gut, my friend. I’ve been there !

    1. I can relate as it turned out even a few of the guys who bullied me in high school are actually gay now! I am definitely looking forward to going to my high school reunion, not to crush on anyone, but to get my apology! LOL

  3. Great song, the crowd reaction says a lot. By the way, someone has hacked Mark’s website shirtlessiniceland. I wonder if he knows. If you click the link it goes to a different site.

    1. Thanks for reading, Adele is one of my favorite artists…and I have been wanting to make a connection with her music and my writing for a while! I appreciate your feedback and hope you continue reading!

  4. Been there, done that, got the very bad T-Shirt. My first crush was on a straight guy, we never got to kiss though and I am glad for it. However, you are right “DON’T FALL THE STRAIGHT MAN” no matter what he does when sober or drunk.

  5. I had a massive crush on a straight guy I use to work with. Pretty sure I acted like a silly teenager girl on the shifts I shared with him. My god, he was hot though!

    1. It is funny you mentioned men you previously worked with…I have also experienced that same situation, but did not think about it until now—however, that can bring up a whole other set of issues. During high school I used to crush on some of my teachers too…but, they were definitely out of the question! LOL

      1. Ha! Yeah that just reminded me of a super attractive and young teacher I had in my last year of senior school. I leant nothing in his lessons as all I did was start at his arse haha.

    2. I love your blog and I enjoy reading it :-). I think you can get those T-Shirts at “Straights R Us” HAHAHA. That is a store NO homosexual should step into.

  6. This is a great post. Thanks for it. I could relate on so many levels, and I am so jealous of you having gotten the real kiss from your straight love. When I was in this situation I would have killed for it, but then again it would have made it that much more painful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It may sound weird, but I’ve never had the bad fortune to fall for a straight guy. While I can certainly be attracted to a straight guy’s ‘manlyness’, part of my brain seems to shut down when I learn a guy is straight…as least that’s been the case up till now. Thanks for the great post all the same. The feeling of rejection (or worse: mixed signals) is one I think everyone can relate to.

    1. I agree, A. van Nerel. No matter if the situation directly applies, the feeling of rejection and mixed signals is hard to confront with any relationship, especially between friends. Thank you for reading and sharing! Best wishes!

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