Knowing He’s The One

1.2.16 616


It’s not the subtle things you say, that expresses who you are each day.

It’s not the clever jokes you tell, although you tell them all so well.

It’s not the soft smile you wear, that greets me with love and care.

It’s not the comfort that you give, each and every day you live.

It’s the tender bond we share, that makes us such a wonderful pair.

It’s the memories we make from nothing at all, that made it so easy for me to fall.

It’s the feeling with every look, you’ve inscribed on my heart like an open book.

It’s your passionate, humble soul. To love you forever, this is my goal.



3 thoughts on “Knowing He’s The One

  1. Gosh … this is one of the best things I’ve read in a month of Sundays. It’s moving and … well, I’m teary. When you’re famous as a writer, I’ll be saying to students in Paris, “Yes, I knew him when he first wrote his blog.” Honestly, this is most touching. Truly.

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