Coming Around Again


Dear Readers,

It has been a long while. Nearly a month since last I wrote, and there have been many changes in my life. It has seemed the longer that I stayed away, the easier it was to brush off the fact that I longed to write you—but, had yet to find the words.

I have found myself “coming around again” being inspired and inspiring others. I have taken steps forward, giving myself room to breathe. One such inspiration came from this very blog. As I sat discussing my struggles with “coming out” to a new friend I met here in Chicago, an idea was conceived. As a dancer, the written word is not her forte, however, she understood the pain I had been through and she longed to help share my message with others.

Taking excerpts from my blog, she choreographed a dance, inserting the lines of text among the dancers in a free flowing dialogue of movement and expression. Depicting the struggle of conformity, to “be a man” and “defined” by words given to us by society. Her dance was performed this past month and received much praise and acclamation from the dance community and her peers. Though my story had a sad beginning, she made something beautiful from it, and it is now an instrument for change.

In the weeks that followed, I threw myself into my work. I was pleased that my friend had done something so wonderful, but, was disappointed in myself for not trying harder to follow my own dreams. At one time I had many aspirations for life—but, seemed to lose them somewhere along the way. During the past ten years, I had been writing off and on a short story in my spare time between classes and work schedules, but, nothing had ever become of it. Picking up my pen and paper again, I scrolled the lines, and feeling inspired, I penned the last words. I had finally struggled through, editing to the point that my writing meant something personal, it was not just a work of fiction. The characters were lifted off the pages, able to breathe on their own, no longer just a part of my mind.

My story had been a labor of love, which I guess is true for most first time authors. Knowing that I had accomplished this aim, I could breathe again. Not only because I realized I am no longer drifting—someplace between the regrets of my past and the longings of a bright future, but, because I am “coming around again.” I am becoming me again.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


7 thoughts on “Coming Around Again

  1. As always, you have at least one (or twelve) killer phrases. In this one I was taken by, “someplace between the regrets of my past and the longings of a bright future.” I have forgotten where you live … but have you thought of sending some of your writing to studios and producers in Los Angeles? I know a few if you need a reference. Your writing totally smokes.

    1. Thank you Mark! I currently live in Chicago. I had not really thought about connecting with studios in LA, but any contacts that you could recommend are appreciated—and that goes for publishing too. I have been toying with the idea of doing self-publishing online…is this a good option? You can contact me directly via my email at the

  2. Gregory Lemarchal struggled to become a singer and when he succeeded his first album was Je Deviens Moi, or I become me. You have become who you are meant to be and have taken the road you were meant to travel. You should be proud and, of course, there are more destinations ahead.

    1. Thank you Rich! I am glad to be moving ahead. While I may turn back now and again to see what has passed, I am no longer allowing it to dictate my future. Thank you for listening and encouraging. Best wishes my friend.

  3. Damn, you are a writer! Very moving post! Oh my friend, I have missed you. It’s nice to read your words again. I’m sorry that I stayed away so long. Falling away from blogging, or pursuing our dreams is much easier than we realize. Life happens. Life gets in the way. Your writing is so beautiful I am not surprised that it would inspire someone to choreograph a beautiful work of art. Be proud of your amazing ability to touch people, my friend. I hope we are able to reconnect soon.

    1. Thank you Adam! As always, it is a pleasure to hear from you…it has been far too long though! I appreciate you taking the time to catch up on some of my past blogs…lord knows…I have not had the opportunity to write as often as I’d like these days! Thank you for always encouraging me, it goes to show how connected we can be with people around the world. If you are ever in Chicago, please drop me a line…Wishing you the best my friend 🙂

      1. You know, I may be in Chicago sometime soon. I will have to definitely take you up on that offer. Please know that I always send you any encouragement and support you need my friend. I will always wish you well. You know how to reach me if you ever need some ‘Adam Love’! 🙂

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