Meant To Be

1.2.16 511

Being destitute, beaten, and standing there bleeding, almost unable to move, the sister considers the offer. When reality sets in, the sister replies something to the sort of “she would rather slit her wrists than live a lie”—At this the audience is silent. My eyes well with tears, and for a moment, I did not know if I would be able to continue watching the musical, as this incident seemed to resemble my own “coming out” conversation with my sister. It was all too real. I felt as if I were watching my own life, being relived on stage before me.


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2 thoughts on “Meant To Be

  1. I don’t think you missed an opportunity. It wasn’t as if you saw spotted her but didn’t approach her. I hope your sister will eventually come to the realization that she needs to change and will reach out to you.

  2. It was not the opportunity of a lifetime. The time was not right. It will be one day.
    I have often sat in plays or movies or in my own living room with tears in my eyes at the play before me. I guess I see myself too often in other stories. I still wish to play the perfect part. That is the one where others do not hurt us by rejecting or trying to change us.

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