A Flower in Spring


Dear Readers,

In the spring, when the flowers bloom and multiply almost overnight there is a fragrant smell that consumes the Earth. As I sit in the train car with my head resting against the window, I breathe in this familiar scent as we approach the city. Along the way, numerous other passengers ask about the lovely bouquet of pink roses lying on the seat next to me. Some inquiring if they were a gift from someone special, while others ask me to whom the flowers will be given too. To their questions, I found myself unsure how to answer. Should I tell them the truth? Will they immediately be overwhelmed with a taste of distain? I choose my words carefully. After all, not everyone is as open and accepting as others.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


PS. THIS IS JUST AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK: “The Open Closet: Letters From A Gay Man” (Available on AMAZON & KINDLE)

If you enjoyed reading this letter and would like to read more, please consider purchasing a copy and help spread awareness of issues  plaguing the LGBT community.




5 thoughts on “A Flower in Spring

  1. Beautiful visuals and compelling tale, my friend! I’m so glad she is so wonderful! You deserve that love and support! Looking back at this time, can you believe that we are in July 2014? Does it feel like it went fast? Look how far you have come! Congratulations on your journey.

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