It Will Not Last


Dear Readers,

For his 25th birthday, my boyfriend decided to visit a psychic, thinking that a spiritual reading would be a good way to purge his soul of negative energy and examine his life’s direction. She said, “You have a partner—He is your soul mate, and you are meant to be together.” However, she could see that he was troubled, and that in his life he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. As she continued, she said, “Unless you remove these negative energies from your life—your relationship will not last.”

I sat in bewilderment of all the truths the psychic was able to bring to light. I knew he was unhappy with his job, as we had discussed it many times before. In my reassurance I told him to “keep holding on” and to “be patient” because I knew something better would eventually come along. I also knew how my parent’s felt about our relationship, and the stress that it caused me, however, I did not realize how much stress was reflected upon him. As unlikely as it was, the mantra “it will not last” was one of the many hurtful things my parents had said about our relationship before I moved to Chicago. Their reasoning being, that my boyfriend would use me “to get what he wanted” before moving on to someone else. I remembered that line, and throughout the first few months of our relationship, it spun around in my brain like a record on a player, never stopping.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


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9 thoughts on “It Will Not Last

    1. That is very true! Thank you for reading and taking time to leave a comment! Sometimes we just have to be ready for changes even when they are unexpected…we never know what good may come from it!

    1. Thank you! I typically am very skeptical of these things as well…but, I do not see any other cause for her to know so much about us, having never met before…I became amazed! Thanks for reading, and for the well wishes my friend!

  1. I don’t know about the psychic part, but a wise person can look at a situation and offer solid advice. Fortunately, he took it and you have moved on to a better place in your relationship. It will last if you both want it to last. By the way, “I love you” is the best mantra of all.

  2. Very interesting read, and something I can definitely relate to. I consider myself to be mostly atheist and am very skeptical towards the paranormal. Then again, one of my best friends is a psychic…and I can’t deny he sees a lot more in people than I ever could. I’m glad you had a psychic to help you and your boyfriend on your path, regardless of what ‘being psychic’ entails exaclty.

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