Dear Readers,

Swiftly we move forward with the days and years that make up our single life to live. In these little moments, we must slow our racing hearts and reflect on the words that led us here. As I examined my life through the words spoken in this blog during the past four years I discovered more good came from those words than the pain felt in writing them. In writing letters as the “Open Closet” not only have I healed myself of the hurt, but, have left marks on the hearts of my many readers. Please enjoy reading some of the responses I’ve given to my readers while still healing, and see the beauty and power in each statement which propels the next forward, as in life—we all move on.

Sincerely, The Open Closet


  1. If I would have had the courage back in high school to come out things may have turned out differently for me too—
  2. What a relief it is to let go of all the things that have been built up inside of me, weighing me down, and keeping me from moving forward in my life…
  3. It’s funny sometimes the things we wish we could change, despite our knowing we were not entirely to blame, and that we have no power to change the past.
  4. Sometimes I feel like why me? But then I realize, if not me, then someone else—and I know then I can push through!
  5. YOU are a positive light in this sometimes dark universe!
  6. As with all the topics I write about—they have a deep connection with my personal life, and sometimes the ink acts as the blood that flows through my body igniting the right words with the right postings.
  7. There is no easy way to tell someone your biggest fears, your mistakes, or failures—sometimes you just have to do it, if not for your own clarity!
  8. I believe the more we stay quiet about problems, the more suffering we cause to ourselves and others.
  9. Coming out is tougher than most people realize and it effects more than just the individual who is gay.
  10. If this blog could help other individuals during their struggle, then my suffering will have been worth it all.
  11. This is why I continue to write—
  12. I am very happy—sometimes it is just hard to see all that I have achieved, despite all the many comparisons my achievements are measured against.
  13. Do not lose heart, one day you will have it all—you just have to be open and willing to accept love, and have the courage to look for it!
  14. Indulge yourself in the good things in life, that’s why it’s there…
  15. If love is a bad thing—I want it to the maximum!
  16. If it were not for people like you, people like me would get lost in the shuffle.

Thank you—


3 thoughts on “Reflection

    1. Thank you Rich. Sometimes it feels like just another penny in the bucket when I write. Maybe one day, my writing can help make a bigger difference. Until then, I will keep filling the bucket with my stories and letters. Thank you for your continued readership!

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