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David Ferrell is a native of Southwest Michigan where his passion for writing began at a young age. His first novel, “If Only Again” was published in January of 2015. David currently lives in Chicago, Illinois with his partner of four years.

Since coming out to his family and friends in the summer of 2012, author, David Ferrell has been approached by others asking for advice on the subject. His letters, originally written in the blog, The Open Closet: Letters from a Gay Man; were meant to document one gay man’s journey to come out and the obstacles and triumphs of his everyday life. However, these letters quickly became so much more. By being open and honest in his writing he was granted a freeing of the mind and an opportunity to heal his emotional scars, in addition to becoming part of a much larger support system in the LGBT community. His book navigates his personal story, involving his experiences in choosing to come out as a gay man, the events that unfolded, and other related narratives.

If you have questions for David or would like to leave him a comment, please do so below. For bookings or inquiries please contact him at: theopenclosetfanpage@gmail.com

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